DIY Gold Confetti Vase

DIY gold confetti vase is a misleading title since my vase is actually a makeup brush holder!
DIY Kate Spade inspired Gold Polka Dot Makeup Brush Holder [Read more…]

DIY: Halloween Tulle Wreath

This weekend, I hosted a small Fall/Halloween get together. One of the featured activities was making a tulle wreath and this craft was definitely dummy-proof, we each made incredible looking wreaths! Halloween DIY Tulle Wreath [Read more…]

DIY Photography Light Box

My blog photos need a little upgrade so… I decided to try a DIY project of creating a lightbox for photographing some smaller items without a horrible background/shadow.

DIY Photography Light Box


I have a ton of white cotton fabric (yay, sewing) which came in handy to use for my lightbox. I found a box to use & we purchased 2 cheap desk lamps from walmart to illuminate the sides.
Light Box DIY [Read more…]

Project #6 – DIY One Piece Swimsuit

I feel like this is kind of cheating because I didn’t make the swimsuit, I started with a bikini and jazzed it up a bit! I think its safe to say we’ve all seen this one piece swimsuit image floating around on Pinterest:

‘Penelope’ Crochet Overlay One Piece Swimsuit
Robin Piccone 'Penelope' Crochet Overlay One Piece Swimsuit Robin Piccone 'Penelope' Crochet Overlay One Piece Swimsuit
[Read more…]

Project #5 – DIY Crystal Strassed Flats

E6000+Crystals+Silver Glitter Flats=Crystal Strassed Flats
As you can probably tell, last month has been the month of DIY projects for me! I started sewing and making a lot of my own things because I couldn’t find what I had envisioned in stores and this is no different. If you google Crystal Strassed Flats, you end up with a bunch of search results of $100+ shoes, I did NOT want to buy a $100 pair of crystal strassed flats, so crafty me found this weddingbee website thread and followed the instructions. [Read more…]

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