Purse Dupe

Remember about a 1 1/2 years ago when I told you about my new purse? Well, Toby & I were at the mall the other night looking for a pair of shoes when I stumbled upon this purse:

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OOTD & FOTD 6.20.13

6.20.13 is my birthday for work purposes; I mean since I’m leaving today for Niagara Falls, everyone at work is celebrating my birthday like it’s today 🙂 [Read more…]

OOTD 6.14.13

 photo 4f2dff56-6248-4f0e-b15b-393beee9a70a_zps4b5640d3.jpgCoral EXPLOSION OOTD!!! Yes, I love coral because its a combination of my two favorite colors; Orange + Pink. It would only make sense that I came up with a coral outfit to wear to work 🙂 Here’s my coral OOTD! [Read more…]

OOTD 6.13.13

 photo 985de755-bc8a-4eee-b3b6-aed5fcc6a807_zps9608e209.jpg
It’s been incredibly hot in Dallas lately, we’re finally getting into Texas summers (I hope I survive!), 100* days, here we come! So for today’s OOTD, I needed to be cool & comfy yet still work appropriate. I mentioned I went shopping this weekend when I shouldn’t have at the Banana Republic Factory Store at Grapevine Mills mall.

I also picked up a white sleeveless pleated chest top ($44.99) to go with a navy & white polka dot skirt  (discounted from $69.99 to $34.99 AND 30% off to $24.49!). I’m loving this outfit 🙂 I feel classy and stylish and NOT sweaty, gross and hot. The best part is that I consider them staple items that should last me a few years, which is great because I’m in work clothes as often as I’m in street clothes. So it was an investment rather than complete careless spending. [Read more…]

OOTD 6.10.13

 photo 9f570211-9f7c-441c-9009-78e9b9db53d0_zps54732113.jpg
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