DIY Photography Light Box

My blog photos need a little upgrade so… I decided to try a DIY project of creating a lightbox for photographing some smaller items without a horrible background/shadow.

DIY Photography Light Box


I have a ton of white cotton fabric (yay, sewing) which came in handy to use for my lightbox. I found a box to use & we purchased 2 cheap desk lamps from walmart to illuminate the sides.
Light Box DIY
The hardest part of this project was cutting out the cardboard, even with a box cutter it was challenging – I should have taken Toby up on the offer to help.
Light box DIY
When the box was arranged, I cut out corresponding pieces of the white cotton (white tissue paper will work too), ironed them to get out any wrinkles and duct taped them to the box.
Light Box DIY
photography light box test shot   Photography light box test shot

Budziak Beauty

  • Krista

    How cool is that!!

  • That’s pretty clever.

  • Briana

    I’m definitely going to have to make this. Would be so handy when I feel inspired to blog at night! Haha. I always have to wait until the right time of day just to take pictures of things. This will be so much more convenient 🙂

  • Thanks!!!! This is so innovative! I’m tempted to buy one because I’m so lazy atm, but this looks pretty easy XD

  • Samandro

    Say what? This is a great idea! I would definitely build this right now if I wasn’t leaving for England in a week. I never even thought about making my own. I hope you are pinning all of these crafty posts on Pinterest!

  • I have done this before. IKEA is your best friend if you are looking for cheap lights. I got the ones that attach to a table with a clamp so I could also move the lamp overhead if needed. Love the directions! Shows you don’t have to pay a fortune for photography equipment.

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