Giveaway: Polar FT4

Can you tell I’ve been trying to be healthy from my last post? That went out the window when Toby came home from business travel… Haha, but I did manage to go running this weekend! I’ve been hit by the health-bug.

And to encourage the health bug to “bite” you… Here’s a giveaway for you to enter!
I’ve partnered up with a great friend & fellow blogger, Britney at Lady Luck Blog and a few other awesome bloggers to bring you a giveaway for a Polar Watch FT4!

Polar FT4 Fitness Watch Giveaway

First of all, let me say, you’re awesome for being so proactive about your health & fitness! I didn’t grow up knowing how important it is to be healthy and what steps to take in getting there. I grew up thinking if there was nothing wrong with me then we didn’t need to waste the money on seeing a physician. That kind of thinking is sooo wrong. I can understand it now that my parents are both going through health issues that could probably have been diagnosed much earlier. These issues have snowballed so much that it is starting to affect me. Now that I’m older and have experienced how other peoples’ health can directly impact myself, I think its as important as ever to start taking care of myself (and yourself!) right NOW!

That said, we’re offering you a chance to win this awesome prize! Why is it so awesome?! It’s not only a watch but it ALSO monitors your heart rate (in real time!) and keeps track of how many calories you’ve burned. Please tell me I’m not the only one who like seeing how many calories they’ve burned on the treadmill! Goodbye, cookie I ate at lunch! With this watch, you have that ability while playing with your kids (or dogs 🙂 ) and even while swimming! You can even customize your work out depending on what your goals are:
Polar FT4 Watch Custom Workout
For more information head over to Polar FT4’s Amazon page:

I haven’t seen anything BUT glowing raves & reviews for the Polar FT4. I’m actually really jealous of whoever wins the watch! So what are you waiting for? Enter to win the most awesome watch ever!

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  • Britney Snyder

    wahoo! Great post girly! I cant wait to announce a winner!

  • Rawraaa.


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