Nordstrom Trend Show 2013

This past weekend, I attended the my first Dallas Nordstrom Trend Show. In prior years, I attended the Valley Fair Nordstrom Trend Show in Santa Clara, CA. No room for being homesick at Nordstrom! 🙂 I had a blast even if I was all alone. I went home feeling super pampered. Nordstrom Beauty Trend Show Fall 2013

I purchased my $20 ticket (reimbursed upon product purchase) and made an appointment for a La Prarie facial & NARS makeover.
Nordstrom Galleria Trend Show 2013
The day of the show, I got there before the show started at 7:45AM but surprise surprise, some of the attendees were there for the pre-show party at ~7AM! Can you imagine sipping on champagne that early in the morning? Haha, note to self for next year, arrive way earlier! As usual, Nordstrom was doing a great job giving away tons of full-sized freebies (hello, free clarisonic!). Around 8AM, the door lifted open and women piled through to find the perfect seat to watch the Trend show.
Nordstrom Beauty Trend Show Fall 2013
Each company’s representative (usually a MUA who just got back from NYFW) would come on to the red carpet, introduce & explain their newest products, show off the look on a gorgeous model & give away the product.
NARS @ Nordstrom Galleria Fall Trend Show 2013   Dancing @ Nordstrom Galleria Fall Trend Show 2013
There was upbeat dance music (even some dancing!!!), ad videos & Trend Show exclusive deals. Each person received a swag bag filled with some goodies: perfume samples, skin care samples, raffle tickets, Trend Show guide + pencil to take notes, water bottle. A few of the more exciting freebies were the Clarisonic mirror compact (yay, I don’t need to go out of my way to get one now!) & the Butter London nail polish shaped luggage tag (already attached to my suitcase for future travels!).
Free Swag Bag from Nordstrom Galleria Fall Trend Show 2013   Butter London Luggage Tag
I snapped a ton of photos and tweeted/IG a lot!

After the show, I purchased a Jo Malone bday gift for my friend Jodi, whose bday dinner/party was that evening. Seriously… How did I put off discovering Jo Malone for so long? I should have taken some blogger Jo Malone recommendations more seriously! While it is expensive, the fragrances are amazing, simple & subtle but long-lasting and not obnoxious. The sale rep sent me home with my very own bag filled with samples! 🙂 Each one is better than the one before – I’m on Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia Cologne today and again, I can’t stop smelling myself!

Jo Malone Cologne Samples Jo Malone Bag
I wandered over to Alterna Hair Care, where stylists were doing hair consultations. I received a sample a week earlier at the YOUphoria campaign when I was supporting Cute & Little blog and ended up loving it, so I went back for more. Just as I got over to their section, the T3 styling tools’ stylist was setting up and offered to give me a blowout! I got my hair done super quick, picked up some ALTERNA BAMBOO Smooth Pure Kendi Oil Pure Treatment Oil & ALTERNA BAMBOO Smooth Kendi Oil Dry Oil Mist. I’m a sucker for serums which the oil treatment is similar to but I’m absolutely loving the dry oil mist! I have FINALLY found a product to keep my hair from fluffing up during humid days and it smells great!!!
Alterna BAMBOO Kendi Oil T3 Stylist Blowout

I made it in time for my facial appointment at La Prarie, La Prairie Cellular 3-Minute Peel. I could feel it working on me, a slight tingle but nothing annoying. I left their booth prepped for my makeup appointment at NARS; the mua for NARS Galleria was such a sweet person and I’m bummed that she wasn’t doing makeup that day, although it gives me another reason to go back 😉 After I got in the chair, I asked my mua to do a similar look as the Galleria NARS rep 🙂 It worked out perfectly because I had my makeup done to go out for my friend’s birthday that evening! I left with a very Fall look: smokey eyes with a touch of gold, wine colored cheeks & burgundy matte lips. I felt like I popped out of the NARS ad! Haha. (NARS haul post tomorrow!!!)
Nordstrom Trend Show 2013 Shopping Success
I left feeling incredibly pampered: hair done, facial, makeup, a few great fragrances. It was a great start to a great night & weekend! Get in touch with me if you’re planning on attending next year’s Trend Show (there’s also one in Spring!), the more the merrier!

P.S. I also found this beauty on a shelf while browsing the store… It’s going on my Christmas list!
 photo burberry_zps4c1e45ee.jpg

  • Jennifer S.

    Looks like fun! And I have to admit I’m a little jealous of the freebies!

  • Megan

    This look so fun! Don’t you love being pampered? I wish I had a full time make up artist and hair dresser to follow me around! haha!

  • Krista

    Aw that looks like a blast! I wanna go!

  • ☆ Cindii

    I never knew about this. I want to go to one! Hehe.

  • KPsays

    I’ve yet to go to any events yet. My blog just turned 5 months old. And that took 5 months of devoted time. Now I think I can plan blogger meet ups and conferences in 2014. I do love my Alterna Bamboo Dry Oil. My fave. Made it into one of my monthly fave posts.

    • They do it every year! It’s not just a blogger event, its just a ton of ladies (and some men) who really enjoy skincare & beauty. I went to Bloggy Boot Camp about 2 weeks ago and it was awesome! If you continue to blog, it’s definitely worth it to head to a BBC! I need to do a review of the dry oil; its the only thing that calms down my hair in humidity.

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