Vegas Bachelorette Party on a budget

I’m going to Vegas! I planned this entire trip, Vegas Bachelorette Party on a budget. Knowing well in advance (1yr+) that we were going to do the classic bachelorette party in Vegas, I started checking rates over a year ago. We got some AMAZING deals (without Toby’s hotel hook-ups) and I’m confident it’s going to be the best bachelorette party these women have ever seen or heard of, here’s what we have in store:

      • Hotel: our 2095sqft 3 room villa comes contains 4 beds & 2 pull out sofas, 3 restrooms and a fully stocked kitchen (food not included). We will be eating in to save money, luckily, we’re a group of fantastic cooks! 🙂 AND we’re getting grocery and liquor delivered! $1080


Marriott Grand Chateau Las Vegas Dining/Kitchen
Photo Credit: Marriott Grand Chateau Las Vegas


Marriott Grand Chateau Las Vegas Dining/Kitchen
Photo Credit: Marriott Grand Chateau Las Vegas


Marriott Grand Chateau Las Vegas Bedroom
Photo Credit: Marriott Grand Chateau Las Vegas


Marriott Grand Chateau Las Vegas Bedroom
Photo Credit: Marriott Grand Chateau Las Vegas

      • Transportation: The hotel is right off the strip, a 5 minute walk around the corner, right across from Planet Hollywood! The perfect spot close to the action but not caught up in it! We are cabbing it between the airport & hotel since everyone’s arrival/depart times are a little off.
      • Groceries: I made a HUGE spreadsheet of groceries with a correlating meal plan to be delivered via VONS (breakfast foods, sandwich/salads, taco night, pasta night & baked potato night, snacks, mixers & liquor) $400

FREE delivered grocery!
Photo Credits: Screenshot via VONS


VS 2012 swimsuit
Photo Credits: Victoria Secret – on ebay


VS 2012 Swimsuit
Photo Credits: Victoria Secret – on ebay

  • Favors: Yes, this party includes favors! (party favor post coming soon!) I’m making each attendee a towel/terry cloth beach bag (stay tuned for the DIY post) which will be perfect for the pool/cabana day! These bags will contain: plastic pink or purple mini tiara, metal flask with names engraved, tissues, sunblock, purell packets, wet ones packets, advil packets, pepto bismol packets, emergen-c packets, shout wipes, pack of trident gum, mini tin of altoids, hair tie, glass nail file, a disposible camera, light up rings, beads and a penis whistle. I’m having all this shipped the week before so it’ll be waiting at the hotel when we check in. Undisclosed amount

diyterryclothbeachbag.jpg  bachelorettepartyessentials.jpg Bachelorettepartyfavors.jpgBachelorettepartyfavorsengravedflasks.jpg

I feel like since we cut the costs on everything else, I really went all out with the favors, it’ll have anything anyone might need during a bachelorette party! I am so excited for this trip. I’ve been traveling a lot since we got to Dallas but this is THE trip that I planned everything from start to finish. I feel like I outdid myself and I can’t wait to see everything fall in to place and experience my hard work/planning. This is going to be the BEST Vegas Bachelorette Party on a budget!

The math: $1080 hotel + $468 club crawl + $552 food/liquor = $2100/12 ladies = $175 per person

… Now how do I ensure I catch the bouquet during the toss?! 😉

Budziak Beauty

P.S. Here’s my best friend, Krista and I on some of our adventures. She means the world to me and I’m so glad to be able to put something like this together for her!

 photo bradpaisley_zps65c799ea.jpg    photo bonnydoon_zpsc4ce2e05.jpg photo jellybelly_zps66d2b855.jpg    photo longbeach_zps9dd05b95.jpg

Wanna see how the party turned out?!

  • Wow, you did a great job planning this! I’ve only traveled for one bachelorette party, and it was not only expensive, but it was also nowhere near as well thought out. Sure, we got drunk and had a great time, but sharing a bed with two people I didn’t know very well (one of which was a bit of an aggressive cuddler) wasn’t great. 😉

    Hope you guys have a great time!

  • Lexie

    This is awesome! I love that you’re such a “planner”; I am too. Hope you ladies have a great trip!

  • Britney Snyder

    wow!!! You did an awesome job planning this!! When does this go down? can I come, haha. I have never been to vegas

  • Samandro22

    Dang. You want to come plan my trip to the UK for me? You are going to have an amazing time. You’ve put in so much work, and it seems like you and your BFF are super close, so I’m sure she appreciates everything you are doing! $175 is an amazing freaking deal. Those ladies should be worshiping at your feet!

  • This looks amazing!! I miss Vegas, everything is so fun and lively there! I remember making late night CVS and grocery runs with my friends when I was there a couple years ago. The sin city club crawl…hmm will bookmark this for future use ;D

    I hope you have a good time!!!!

  • Cindy Kwok Huynh

    OMG that looks so amazing! You did a good job planning this. Hope you guys have lots of fun. 😉

  • Natalie

    I am writing a re-cap of my sister’s bach party on my blog right now. This looked like such a blast for you guys! Nothing beats a Vegas bachelorette party!

  • Krista

    I realized I never posted a comment for this. Needless to say, you’re the bestest friend anyone could ever ask for, period (party-planning-awesomness aside)

  • Brend

    You did great planning this trip! 🙂

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